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Emily and Dave, two UC Berkeley graduate students in Business and Public Health, connected in Spring 2015 over a passion:  to redesign our broken food culture starting with kids.


Dave, a former elementary school teacher, was frustrated by uninspired school lunches and traditional nutrition programs that failed to engage and feed students. Emily, an illustrator and business lady, saw a HUGE opportunity in marketing produce to kids. The space needed a dose of cuteness and creativity. It needed a champion. Thus we created Planet Murple. 

Along the way, we've found other amazing Murples to build a more fun and nourishing future! 

Emily is the artist and creative director of Planet Murple. As an illustrator, she has drawn comics, designed deer burger wrappers, and created Cat Executive
She is also Murple's CEO, bringing a background in strategy and behavioral/ cultural change. Emily designed initiatives and products for Fortune 100 companies that helped employees and customers "eat their veggies": do the things that they didn't necessarily want to do but were good for them.


Dave is the COO of Planet Murple, and embeds his expertise in children education and public health into Murple's content. "Mr. Resnick" was an elementary school teacher for 6 years in Brooklyn, NY. Upon seeing his young students struggle with their weight, he created a school-wide health and wellness program, which was recognized by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation.
In Kaiser Permanente's regional health education team, Dave designed preventative programs and communications for diverse communities. 




Isaac is Murple's production lead, spearheading videography and media strategy for Planet Murple. Isaac is a Nutrition major and Journalism minor at Cal, as well as an avid Crossfitter. He brings a passion for teaching others about food and fitness through new media. 
Miriam support marketing and media production in Planet Murple. She brings experience in community outreach, working to promote healthy food access for low-income communities in LA. Miriam is an American Studies major and Journalism minor at Cal with a focus on pop culture.


murple intern

We are supported by an amazing team who contribute their art and musical talents to our media, build our partnerships, and design our culinary products: Shannah Hoversten, Jen Kozin, Marvin Crespin-Gamez, Claudia Zaugg, Bret Ward, Tim Dixon, Vivian Dinh, Misa Tanaka, Ned Eisenberg, Vivek Rao



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