Our favorite way to top off a good meal!


How can schools promote good health while staying within a budget? We believe it can be easy, and can help schools raise money to boot! Our staff will show you how you can do away with junk-food bakesales and instead create a Murple-themed smoothie fundraiser. You’ll engage kids, families, and staff in creating a healthy and tasty treat, while also raising funds the school could use towards other health initiatives. We’ll help train school staff or parent volunteers to run this event and leave you with a playbook for how to maintain your fundraising throughout the year.



Murple brings fun and deliciousness to school cafeterias, classrooms, and gardens. We are currently piloting different offerings for school partners, focused on K-2. If you are a wellness champion who's interested in how Murple can get your students get excited about real food, email us at info@planetmurple.com. 

A large helping of laughter with substantial sides of literacy and health!


Each Murple Monday, we’ll provide your staff with comics to hand out with each student’s snack. Kids follow the silly adventures of the Murples exploring their world made entirely natural food – and featuring the nutritious food served out that day. Our comics are written to promote food exploration and appreciation, while also giving kids another opportunity to practice literacy skills. More kids will be chomping away on healthy snacks and sides before you can say “Murp”!


MURPify your school

A serving of adventure, taste and learning into a seamless (and delicious) experience

Interested in learning how Murple gets students excited to try new food? We’ll provide resources so you can murpify your school! Teachers can host a film screening and lead an educational activity around food literacy. Cafeteria staff can jazz up the salad bar with a a bright, colorful Murple Banner. We train staff with our Murple secrets on how to make school food magical and exciting for kids, even after we’re gone. 



MURPLE garden activity

Embedding storytime in nature


Unleash kids’ imagination and creativity in this storytelling activity with Planet Murple! Kids bring their Murple buddies out to the school garden, where the Murples interact with real kale forests, squash buildings, and potato couches. Kids create and share their stories by making their own stop motion video and/or drawing comics. Afterwards, they can even create their own recipe ideas! Submit these stories and recipes to Planet Murple to get featured on our website and social media. 


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