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March 6, 2017

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Welcome to our Planet Murple blog!

March 6, 2017

There’s an amazing movement happening in our food system right now. From mushroom farming in a box to meal kit deliveries, people are craving a greater connection to their food. We believe this connection needs to start early. But engaging kids around food is hard.
When Dave and I started this project, we visited elementary schools where pounds of free healthy lunches were thrown out because students would rather go hungry. We interviewed parents of every income level who were tired of home cooked meals being met with “ews” and “yuck”s.


We became obsessed with this question: 
How can we get kids to eat healthy if they don’t want to?
Planet Murple understands the way kids experience the world. Why waiting for Mom to cook dinner can feel like excruciating boredom. Why seeing unfamiliar broccoli can conjure up fear. Why a classmate's opinion on lunch can determine what's cool or uncool to eat.

With so much pressure kids face around food, no wonder eating healthy is no fun!


On Planet Murple, we make learning to cook a fun experience everyone looks forward to! Our stories bring adventure and friendship from a land of Kale Forests, talking ovens, and pepper skis. Our storytime recipes invite kids to play in our world by cooking. Without force or finger wagging or touting the benefits of nutrition, we are building a more curious and healthy generation. 


We're using this blog as a way to explore how kids and families can build a happy relationship to healthy food! On this blog, our team will share inspiration and tips around food and kids. I'll share how media, marketing, and technology influence kids' experiences on food. Dave will share perspective on building healthy habits and grown mindsets from his experience as an elementary school teacher and healthcare educator. We also have contributors from our community of parents, pediatricians, wellness and food justice champions. It's going to be a lot of fun-- please join us in this conversation! 


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