storytime recipes

Murple stories lead to playful and delicious recipes-- taught by Murple, made by kids! We make learning to cook natural food an experience to look forward to.

These recipes are designed for kids 4-8 to make with their guardians (or simply for those who are kids at heart!) as an afterschool or weekend activity. Our recipes range from easy (5 min) to adventurous (1 hr) and always include natural food. 

Learning to cook or having kids in the kitchen can be intimidating at first, so we have a few Murple guidelines on how to have fun:

1. Have an exploratory mindset! We call this taking a fieldtrip to the kitchen, where you are here to discover and create-- not just rush to put dinner on the table. Take bites, sniff, and ask questions.

2. Expect imperfection! Your dish might not be pinterest-y perfect, but that's not the point! Be proud that you made something. Remember that you always have next time to make it yummier!

3. Be prepared! Inevitably, kids in the kitchen will add a bit more mess. But it doesn't need to be chaos. Our recipe instructions and videos model which tasks are kid-appropriate and grownup-appropriate. If they are tiny tots, get them on a step stool and have them wash, serve, or simply watch you cook. They will feel part of the process!

4. Remember that cooking is a privilege! Giving your kid an apron, kid-safe knife, and step stool not only makes the kitchen more family-friendly, but gives him/her a special role to play. Reinforce that cooking is an activity for kids who display responsibility, adventurousness, and Murple values! 

4. Mix it up! These recipes cover the basics of preparing natural food, but you should feel empowered to add your own spin. Add a new ingredient to the fruit salad. Toss your roasted veggies onto a pizza, toast, or bowl of rice. Experiment with flavors to discover what tastes most delicious to you!

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