Fearless leader. Always ready to get the gang together for an adventure!
Meep is often restless and eager to explore, especially when there's a whole planet out there! He loves the water, sailing on his pepper boat, and swimming like a mer-murple. Meep is constantly on the go-go-go- or distracted by his apple gadget-- that he can forget to take care of himself.  


Curious observer of the world. Thoughtful and sweet friend!
Millie can be found picking rosemary blossoms, studying species of Spinacia trees, or experimenting in her kitchen laboratory. She's very happy in her own head because there is a big and beautiful universe in there! Millie can sometimes be shy (and a bit of a scaredy cat), but doesn't want to be left out of the Murples' adventures!

your own murple!  @planetmurple

Print out your own Murples! You can cut them out and take them on an adventure with real food or draw out their world on this downloadable activity sheet. We're excited to see what your imagination unleashes! Take a photo and tag @planetmurple, #planetmurple to get featured. We might even make our next story based on your inspiration! Download your Murple below.


# 1 trickster. Brings on the fun!
Mokey Mokes is always looking for laughs, thrills, and ways to be in the spotlight. He is easily bored by "the rules" and loves to shake things up! Mokey Mokes craves action and can be found doing XTREME tricks on his pepper skis and cucumber skateboard. He can be a bit of a show off, but strives to be loyal and big-hearted! 

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